You will be entitled to one $500 pre-paid gift card that can be used in any eftpos transaction in any outlet around Australia.  This is being provided to you from the commission that lenders pay us to arrange your loan.  Our commission is subject to ‘clawback’ ie: if the loan is reduced or repaid within 2 years we can lose up to 100% of the commission.  We are offering this in good faith however we have to protect our financial viability.

Conditions of Gift Card

  • you must sign the Gift Card Conditions agreement that will be provided,
  • your Gift Card will be dispatched once we receive our commission payment from the lender,
  • if lost or stolen the Gift Card is not replaceable or refundable,
  • the minimum loan drawn down amount is $300,000  – does not apply to;
    • construction loan until final draw down
    • line of credit
    • non-resident borrower
    • bridging loans
  • the loan balance (net of offset) has to be retained on our commission schedule to at least 60% of the settlement amount  for a period of 2 years from date of settlement.  The commission schedule is the conclusive document for this condition.  If this condition is not met we may recover all or part of the original face value of the gift card.  We will request this in writing and if payment is not received within 14 days we have the right to charge you $100 recovery fee and any debt collection fees or commissions, legal costs and out of pocket expenses.
  • the Gift Card offer is for one applicant/s regardless of how many loan accounts are involved, unless otherwise negotiated

This is a commercial agreement between your Australian Credit Representative, Andrew Hunter and the applicant/s.  It does not form any part of the loan application or involve the National Consumer Protection Act.  Furthermore there is no aspect of this agreement that comes under the jurisdiction the Australian Financial Complaints Authority.